So, you know Where you can sign create petitions and have people sign them for the White House to consider?

Well, just recently, the White House has made ‘responses’ to these petitions. Oh but nothing in support or anything conducive of course, they respond and then remove the petitions. Consider giving this a signal boost to let everyone know what bullshit this is.

The top petition for the entire history of this online petition system was 'Legalize and regulate Marijuana in a manner similar to alcohol’, with 70,000 signatures, more than twice what the current leading petition is. There were 8 total petitions regarding marijuana (legalization, medical use, decriminalization etc.), and they released this statement regarding marijuana. Blatant fucking lies and flawed logic. Seriously, if you’re going to read any of these links, let it be their response about marijuana. It’s complete and utter bullshit. So there’s 8 top petitions, hundreds of thousands of signatures, gone. Null and void, removed after a short and shitty response. What a load of bullshit false hope this site is.

Also to note was their response for petitions to remove ‘Under God’ from the pledge, and ‘In God We Trust’ from our currency.

Fuck your administration Obama.

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